Random Minds PRFounded in 2003, Random Minds PR is a Vancouver-based boutique agency that specializes in entertainment & lifestyle  working with a diverse range of clients all over North America. True to our name, we work on campaigns that are anything but linear. Sure, we offer traditional publicity services, but why stop there? By combining traditional media campaigns with social, online, and grassroots outreach, our clients are able to capture attention across all platforms – reaching a wider audience.  

Drawing outside the lines? What lines.  Email us: info[at]random-minds.com


Random Minds PR is led by Katherine Brodsky.  Your gal Friday, but on any weekday.

She started her career in storytelling in the early 2000s, editing and writing for the web, while launching a popular online entertainment magazine in the process. She went on to contribute to publication such as The Washington Post, The Guardian, Esquire, Variety, Vulture, Entertainment Weekly, Playboy Magazine (the one you read for the stories!), Elle Canada, AFAR, Mashable, USA Weekend, A.V. Club, and many others -- conducting hundreds of interviews with a diverse range of personalities, ranging from Oscar, Emmy, Tony, Pulitzer and Nobel Prize winners—to spies, along the way.

Some interviewees include Michael Douglas, Tom Hiddleston, Kiefer Sutherland, Sam Rockwell, Dick Van Dyke, Rob & Carl Reiner, David Duchovny, Emily Blunt, Josh Brolin, Richard Dreyfuss, Melissa Leo, Geoffrey Rush, Willem Dafoe, Sir Ian McKellen, Tony Kushner, John Patrick Shanley, Kevin Smith, Ethan Hawke, Simon Pegg, Kevin Kline, and even the Dalai Lama - Just to ‘name drop’ a few.

That understanding of what makes a story compelling for journalists (and their editors), gives her a unique edge when pitching clients. Whether it's a pitch letter, press release, bio, or tweet, a good story is about so much more than 'just the facts ma'am.' It has to DO something. Whether it intrigues, entertains, provokes, or challenges - it must leave an impression. Her secret weapon when all else fails? A dash of humor. Unsurprisingly, her clients regularly appear in some of the top media outlets across North America and internationally.  

Katherine also has an extensive background in copywriting, video content production/EPKs for companies like NBC/Universal, ABC, CW, E News, Hallmark, CBC, BBC America & AMC Networks. Most recently she has worked as EPK producer on BBC America/Netflix's Dirk Gently's Holistic Detective Agency, based on the book by Douglas Adams and starring Elijah Wood/Samuel Barnett, and NBC's Timeless. She is also a senior unit publicist with IATSE 669 (click here to view her IMDB credits) and her last project was Amazon Studio's Man in the High Castle 2, based on the novel by Philip K. Dick.

She's also known for her event planning work, having tackling anything from producing a special event screening of Richard III alongside Sir Ian McKellen, to live performances with Pulitzer winning caliber guests, to numerous film festival parties, and high-profile Toronto International Film Festival gift lounges -- collaborating with numerous top brands.


                                                                                and more...

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Our services include:

Media Relations & Branding
It's not all about the story. It's how you tell it, too. So, let us.

Video Production/EPK
We love creating videos that stand out. Whether you need a field producer to help create an EPK, capture BTS footage, or see a project from concept to final edit, we can handle full broadcast quality video production.

Social Media
We can help boost your brand's presence and build a community around it. Whether in 140 characters or more, through images, or video, we believe that the key is sharing content that others can't resist wanting to repeat.  We build an organic, engaged audience that cares about what you have to say.

Event Planning/Production
We love creating events that keep guests talking long after they are over. Whether it's an Oscar-viewing party with gold-painted geishas, mass hypnosis at industry gathering, a film festival gift lounge that feels more like a house-party, a speak-easy salon with poker chips you could trade to access special surprises in a back-room, or a night out with the wizard of wizards (aka Sir Ian McKellen), we bring events to life

We love working with words. Only the right one will do. Whether you're looking for a press release, bio, pitch letter, web copy, blog, speech, script -- or even a clever t-shirt slogan, let us use some words for you.

Unit Publicity
Need an IATSE 669 senior unit publicist? We can organize memorable press set visits, oversee EPK and gallery shoots, capture content for social media, and more.

Film Festival Publicity
Is your film, or slate of films, making a special appearance at a film festival like the Toronto International Film Festival, Tribeca Film Festival,  Cannes, Sundance, Vancouver International Film Festival, etc? Take us with you. We'll make sure people are talking.